Sports Taping for Post-Op Recovery

Sport Taping for Post-Op Recovery

Recovering after a surgical procedure can be very difficult. With lots of pain, swelling, and inflammation, post-op recovery is something most people don’t look forward to. While people are commonly told to rest, elevate, compress, and ice to reduce inflammation, many don’t know k-taping is also beneficial.

K-taping, which is also known as kinesiology tape, k-tape, or KT tape, is a therapeutic tape. The tape is a strong and elastic material made with cotton fibers. Often it is used to support athletic injuries and ease pain from choric injuries. Typically used by athletes and those who are treating injuries; however, it has also been found to be highly beneficial for reducing inflammation for post-op procedures.

Surgery can cause lots of inflammation near and around the operation site. As a result, doctors refer to post-op interventions to control the inflammation, including compression, hydration, rest, and manual lymphatic drainage (MLD). Although research shows that k-taping aids in reducing inflammation, it is often not considered during post-op.

K-taping improves blood and lymph flow by lifting the skin and releasing any built-up pressure. The additional space causes the fluid to move from high to low pressure, allowing for better lymphatic drainage. By reducing the pressure caused by inflammation, patients experience less pain during recovery.

There are many patterns that k-taping can be applied to support muscle and lymphatic drainage, so it is important to find trained professionals. Professionals such as physical therapists, athletic trainers, and massage therapists are equipped to apply k-taping. At Therapivity, we specialize in post-op and workout recovery; our massage therapist will use k-taping in combination with our integrated massage and manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) services.

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