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In-Office and Mobile Massage Options Available

Integrated Sports Massage

Ideal For: Fitness Enthusiasts, Competitive Athletes, & Active Lifestyles

Techniques Used: Trigger Point Release / Active Release Techniques (ART) / IASTM / Compression, Cupping / Deep Tissue


Release Muscle Tension

By addressing tight muscles and stiffness, we enhance your muscle elasticity, ensuring optimal performance and reducing the risk of injuries. Our skilled and licensed professionals accomplish this by using advanced techniques such as assisted fascial stretches (FST), deep tissue massage, and joint mobility drills.

Combat Muscle Soreness

Intense workouts often lead to delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), hindering your progress. Our expert therapists utilize specialized techniques like cupping, tissue mobilization, and scraping to improve fluid circulation, accelerate recovery, and minimize post-workout soreness, allowing you to get back in the game faster.

Stretch Therapy

Ideal For: Athletic Performance, Flexibility Training, Strenuous Activity, or Chronic Pain

Techniques Used: Frederick Stretch Therapy (FST) model, also called Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST) / Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) / Muscle Energy Techniques (MET)


Improve Range of Motion

Our approach emphasizes stretching fascial lines rather than focusing solely on individual muscles. This method allows us to apply traction and decompression to joints, creating more space and enhancing flexibility. By targeting the fascial network, we can optimize the body’s mobility and range of motion, promoting greater flexibility and ease.

Movement Restoration

Restricted fascia can significantly impact the body, leading to the adoption of compensatory movement patterns in an attempt to work around the areas of restriction. These compensations can cause a cascade of negative effects, including imbalances in muscle tension, compromised joint alignment and stability, and even poor posture. However, our Stretch Therapy sessions are specifically designed to address these issues head-on. Through a careful assessment and targeted techniques, we aim to identify the areas of restriction and pinpoint those muscles and tissues being overused as a result.

Lymphatic Drainage (MLD)

Ideal For: Wellness Enthusiasts, Chronic Pain, & Autoimmune Conditions, and Post-Op Surgery

Techniques Used: Klose Manual  Techniques (Based on Vodder) / Post-Operation Massage 


Overall Wellness

Give your immune system a powerful boost by stimulating your lymphatic system. Stress and toxins can adversely affect the lymphatic system, leading to its increased workload. Our Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) session is designed to activate your lymph nodes, aiding in releasing accumulated lymphatic fluid. Rejuvenating your lymphatic system can effectively eliminate toxins and enhance your body’s natural healing capabilities. Trust in our MLD session to restore balance and optimize your overall well-being.

Reduce Pain & Inflammation

Pain requires comprehensive attention. We proactively address pain by evaluating your lymphatic system for signs of stagnant lymph. This stagnation can impede the proper flow of oxygen to your soft tissues, leading to discomfort and pain. By identifying and addressing these blockages, we aim to restore optimal lymphatic function, promoting the adequate oxygenation of your tissues and relieving pain.

What Our Clients Say

“Look no further. This is absolutely the best massage (deep tissues, cupping, sports massage you name it) one could find in Philly. Yes it’s located inside fitness works and no you don’t need to be a member so don’t hesitate. You will not be disappointed.”

Integrated Sports Massage, Philadelphia

“Dana is incredibly experienced, knowledgeable, and wonderful to work with. I came in with so many chronic injuries and pains that had been plaguing me for months and weeks and she addressed every concern with expertise and various techniques.”

Integrated Sports Massage, Philadelphia

“I’ve had different types of massages in the past, but this is one of the best I’ve experienced. I came to see Dana with of a lot of muscle pain as a result of heavy strength training. Dana did an excellent job of addressing these issues, and I feel like a new person.”

Integrated Sports Massage, Philadelphia

"Massage therapy is often an underrated and underutilized therapeutic procedure that improves circulation, promotes muscle relaxation, loosens scar tissue, stretches tight muscles and fascia, and relieves muscle spasms. It has also been shown to help heart rate and diastolic blood pressure recover to pre-exercise levels after high-intensity exercise and to reduce exercise-induced fatigue."​

In-Office and Mobile Massage Options Available

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