Fueling Your Recovery: Hydration

Fueling Your Recovery: Hydration

When you got up this morning, did you have anything to drink? Did you feel thirsty? What does being thirsty even feel like? In this blog, we’ll talk about hydration and its importance in recovery. We went over how our bodies are made from protein and how we need it to rehabilitate and build muscle in our last blog. Keeping this same logic, we can also begin to understand how our bodies rely on water for recovery.








Flushing Toxins

Drinking water naturally detoxifies the body. During recovery, your body works harder to eliminate harmful substances, so it’s imperative to have a steady water intake. Understandably, drinking a good amount of water may lead to frequent restroom trips, which may deter you from drinking it so much. Remember, drink choices that contain caffeine may irritate the bladder even more and cause you to go more frequently.

The journey to recovery isn’t always a straightforward path. To create lasting improvements in our health, we must understand the tools at our disposal and utilize them effectively. Make it a habit to have water readily available; you can even enhance its flavor with a slice of lemon or lime if plain water doesn’t excite you. Remember to hydrate before, during, and after workouts. The next time you experience hunger, a headache, or unusual fatigue, try reaching for a glass of water first—it might be precisely what your body craves. Stay hydrated, and your body will appreciate it.


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Iesha P., Health Consultant



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