K-Taping and Post-Op Recovery


Recovering after a surgical procedure can be very difficult. With lots of pain, swelling, and inflammation, post-op recovery is something most people don’t look forward to. While people are commonly told to rest, elevate, compress, and ice to reduce inflammation, many don’t know k-taping is also beneficial. K-taping, which is also known as kinesiology tape, […]

Massage Gun… Everyone Has One

Massage guns, also known as percussion guns, are a type of vibration therapy. These electric handheld tools resemble power drills and are used to deliver light-to-intense percussion techniques to muscle (s). Benefits include: Fast muscle recovery after intensive workouts Increased blood circulation and nutrient flow to the muscles Reduced delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS) from exercise […]

Why Aren’t You Cupping?

As Tobias Harris stepped to the free-throw line, I immediately noticed a red symmetrical circle on this right arm. It’s the same mark that we saw on Michael Phelps during the 2016 Olympic games. The mark is the result of cupping therapy, an ancient technique that is used to aid in myofascial decompression. Cupping is […]